More than just a CD Register

What is CDRx

As pharmacists ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to keep all your paperwork in order—so we decided to simplify it and make it electronic.  CDRx lets you manage your Controlled Drug Registers easily: it includes time-saving features like search and auto-complete, and makes sure that entries are made in a consistent format with all required details.

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CDRx Register

We created one website, with all CD registers, Near Miss Logs, Error Logs, MHRA Data Feed, SOP repository, Responsible Pharmacist Logs, Patient Feedback (via a tablet) and even an Advertising Module for displaying information and promotions to your customers plus much much more.

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Why Choose CDRx

  • Replace bulky and inefficient paper registers
  • Simple to use, mimicking the layout of the paper register to allow easy adaption for the pharmacy staff
  • Cloud based software which is easily accessible – it can be opened on any computer and on multiple devices at the same time
  • Safe to use with a two-factor authentication process for logging in
  • Intuitive pre-population of prescriber, patient and supplier data from previous entries saving valuable time
  • Provide additional useful features for compliance such as dispensary duty logs, responsible pharmacist logs, specials
  • recording logs, fridge temperature recording, as well as near miss, errors logs and much more
  • SOPs repository which allows SOPs to be emailed to staff and actioned on the software
  • Built-in Advertising Platform
  • Notification on the latest MHRA updates that can be actioned by staff
  • Head Office/Group administration section which allows all the groups registers to be accessed remotely by the
  • Superintendent pharmacist
  • Integration available with current PMR suppliers which allows even more time savings
  • Make your next CD inspection a breeze with easy access for the CD inspectors
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