The System

What is MethaMeasure?

It’s simple. MethaMeasure was designed by a substance misuse pharmacist within his own pharmacy. MethaMeasure is the most commonly used computerised methadone dispensing system in the world. Our system can help your pharmacy, clinic or correctional facility dispense methadone quickly, accurately and safely.


How does the system work?

The system focuses on patient safety, usability and speed. The process of using MethaMeasure is simple and involves three steps: Data Processing, patient identification and final verification. On average, it takes less than 10 seconds to identify a patient and have a dose dispensed ready to hand out. This means that a patient receiving one witness dose and six carries can be dealt with usually in less than 1 minute.


How can MethaMeasure help you?

MethaMeasure provides a multitude of different benefits including:

  • Facilitating increased workflow during peak dispensing times
  • User-friendly system that enables all pharmacy staff to use it
  • Creates potential for increased revenue
  • Reduces potential for errors
  • Affords confidence in the administration of Methadone dispensing
  • Secure Electronic CD Register

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