It’s simple. MethaMeasure was designed by a substance misuse pharmacist within his own pharmacy. The system focuses on patient safety, usability and speed. The process of using MethaMeasure is simple and involves three steps: Data Processing, patient identification and final verification. On average, it takes less than 10 seconds to identify a patient and have a dose dispensed ready to hand out. This means that a patient receiving one witness dose and six carries can be dealt with usually in less than 1 minute.

MethaMeasure is extremely accurate. Our system is actually more accurate than many of the graduated cylinders, syringes and pumps used in pharmacies today.

It usually only takes a couple of “daily methadone patients” to cover the cost of the system and in most cases, pharmacies find huge cost savings.

Yes. MethaMeasure has an advanced preparation feature built into the software.

Yes, this is possible.

An Installation and training specialist will install the system and train your pharmacy staff on how the system works. They will also stay while the system is being used to ensure everyone is comfortable. We do our best to accommodate individual pharmacies’ needs and always try to be as flexible as possible – working around you.

MethaMeasure is used by pharmacies such as Well Pharmacy, Rowlands Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy, and Superdrug Pharmacy. It is also used in many other smaller independent Pharmacy groups (Weldricks and HUB Pharmacy) and a growing number of prisons.

Our customers’ patient numbers vary from 10 to 250+. Irrespective of the patient numbers, our customers all find the system beneficial with respect to patient safety and cost-effectiveness.

Yes, depending on your setup, MethaMeasure may be more suitable within your setting as a standalone system.

Yes, MethaMeasure can produce labels for each dose it dispenses. If required it can also prepare bag labels.

No, MethaMeasure has been designed to ensure it is suitable for correctional facilities, hospital pharmacies and community pharmacies.

Both our hardware and software are extremely flexible. Everything can be stand alone or all data can be linked across local and wide area networks.

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